One of my favorite things to do is to collect miscellaneous items of interest on my adventures; so when I go on my walks with my girl Niera, I love to find anything interesting that could possibly inspire me to create. I call them little treasures; I put them on a shelf until I feel like creating. You’ll find a lot of my art pieces will have mixed-media in them. One day on my walk, small acorns inspired me; I always love to Sculpt cute faces with many expressions, so I decided to use the acorn tops and sculpt these adorable acorns. They definitely put a smile on my face hope you enjoy.



This adorable trick-or-treater was inspired by a drawing. I also love vintage pictures of homemade costumes. One of my favorite things that I did for my children when they were young I would make their Halloween costumes such a sweet memory. I loved it when my kids came home from Halloween trick-or-treating they would dump out all their candy on the floor I would sit down with them and sort through it with them.



I have been told when I was little I loved to play in mud and Making mud pies was my specialty. Things haven’t changed I still love to play in mud,aca “clay” these small pumpkins come with the sweetest expressions what a sweet addition  to my collection.

Turning 50

One day I woke up and I was older. I noticed my hand was not working as well, my foot hurt when I walked on it for it while and my body aches when I get out of bed. I noticed that my boys are becoming young men. I noticed that I observe things around me and appreciate them more. I got older. It really does happen; pay attention and grow with it because it’s an amazing thing…getting older is amazing and when you realize you have only one body you start to defend it. Yes, I am turning 50.
I’m extremely happy love my family and still deeply in love with my husband. I feel physically healthy and mentally healthy, it’s everything I wanted my life to be I am so blessed.image

Grim Reaper

This Grim Reaper has two types of clay we have the air dry clay, and Sculpey clay you need to bake. I am often asked which Clay do I prefer the most that’s a very difficult question I love all types of clay, but if I had to choose it would be the air dry clay I love the way it feels it’s very relaxing to work with. The Sculpey clay I like to use when I’m doing very tedious work like arms or sometimes draping for clothing the Sculpey clay is a lighter clay when it dries the air dry clay is heaver. I love creating things that have a skull in it, I had thought about making a Reaper for a long time and in my head the big thing that I saw was the scythe that my Reaper holds in his skeletal hand, I wanted the scythe to be big and bold it really defines my Reaper. I’ve always loved all things creepy and scary, honestly, it is not a love I have always had when I was a kid, I was always scared of the dark and scared of everything that looked creepy and then one day I became fascinated with all scary creatures. My aunt sent me a book when I was a child it was full of ghost stories after I read that book I was hooked. My favorite season is Halloween I love the colors the creatures the decorations. That’s enough about me, lets get back to this awesome Grim Reaper as my brother said, That’s badass I like it.

Some Bunny Loves You

This cute little bunny is just hopping his way into your heart to say hello. I love creating little masks for my clay creations. He really is adorable and he doesn’t need a mask to cover that cute little face but why not?


This delightful character has so many inspirations; my husband was digging in the backyard when he came across these vacuum tubes. They were so cool I had to put them in my craft room, hoping one day I would be inspired to do something with them. I think about my clay creations, all the time and all of a sudden I got this great idea so I had to go and make this new character before I didn’t have him in my head anymore. I started sculpting and everything started coming together. As I’m looking at this character come to life, I’m thinking of a wonderful memory of my son who is now 22. When he was a little boy, he was very shy and always kept his hands in his pocket. His favorite pair of shorts back then was these yellow shorts and that was my inspiration for his clothing. I love this little character and I let my son name him so that is how Gearbox came to be.