One of my favorite things to do is to collect miscellaneous items of interest on my adventures; so when I go on my walks with my girl Niera, I love to find anything interesting that could possibly inspire me to create. I call them little treasures; I put them on a shelf until I feel like creating. You’ll find a lot of my art pieces will have mixed-media in them. One day on my walk, small acorns inspired me; I always love to Sculpt cute faces with many expressions, so I decided to use the acorn tops and sculpt these adorable acorns. They definitely put a smile on my face hope you enjoy.



This adorable trick-or-treater was inspired by a drawing. I also love vintage pictures of homemade costumes. One of my favorite things that I did for my children when they were young I would make their Halloween costumes such a sweet memory. I loved it when my kids came home from Halloween trick-or-treating they would dump out all their candy on the floor I would sit down with them and sort through it with them.



I have been told when I was little I loved to play in mud and Making mud pies was my specialty. Things haven’t changed I still love to play in mud,aca “clay” these small pumpkins come with the sweetest expressions what a sweet addition  to my collection.

Grim Reaper

This Grim Reaper has two types of clay we have the air dry clay, and Sculpey clay you need to bake. I am often asked which Clay do I prefer the most that’s a very difficult question I love all types of clay, but if I had to choose it would be the air dry clay I love the way it feels it’s very relaxing to work with. The Sculpey clay I like to use when I’m doing very tedious work like arms or sometimes draping for clothing the Sculpey clay is a lighter clay when it dries the air dry clay is heaver. I love creating things that have a skull in it, I had thought about making a Reaper for a long time and in my head the big thing that I saw was the scythe that my Reaper holds in his skeletal hand, I wanted the scythe to be big and bold it really defines my Reaper. I’ve always loved all things creepy and scary, honestly, it is not a love I have always had when I was a kid, I was always scared of the dark and scared of everything that looked creepy and then one day I became fascinated with all scary creatures. My aunt sent me a book when I was a child it was full of ghost stories after I read that book I was hooked. My favorite season is Halloween I love the colors the creatures the decorations. That’s enough about me, lets get back to this awesome Grim Reaper as my brother said, That’s badass I like it.


My clay creations always seem to be inspired by what I run across on my nature walks, that’s my thinking time. The inspiration for Spriggan came from his wonderful headpiece (bark from a tree limb) that I found when I was walking with my faithful companion Niera, our 8 year old poodle. I am always collecting miscellaneous items of interest on my adventures; I love walking and hiking and started to bring a backpack with me because my pockets always came back overflowing with wonderful things I just couldn’t leave behind. Even though Spriggan does not have as much of a clay component as most of my other pieces, he is a delightful character who loves nature and watches over and protects it, he definitely puts a smile on my face.

Hi my name is Paige

Hi, my name is Paige and I am a mixed-media clay artist. I am starting my blog to share my wonderful adventure with anyone else who might be interested. My clay creations all started when I bought some clay and decided I was going to making some characters for myself. I had so much fun with it that I couldn’t stop. Everybody loved what I made and to my surprise, started asking me if I would sell any of my creations. I never imagined that first box of clay would have led to where I am today. I have been doing my clay creations for about a year and it’s been a wonderful journey which I am now ready to start sharing with you.