Today I want to talk about this little devil named Beelzebub; he stands about 9 inches tall.  I have had several people ask me what size my characters are and of course, they all vary in size but on average, they around 7 to 9 inches tall.  I have had people tell me that they look bigger than what they are in real life but I think that is just an optical illusion. I feel that this size is easier to display and I am comfortable with that size scale when I am working with the clay.  Another question that comes up frequently is how I come up with the names for my characters. In most cases, I do a lot of research to try and find the perfect name for each creation. Sometimes though, someone in the family who is behind the inspiration will get the opportunity to name them. The meaning behind Beelzebub is Satan or any other devil or demon. I thought this was a perfect name for this creation. The whole process behind me sculpting a character is where I begin. The first thing I do is the face, this is when they begin to talk to me and tell me what they want to be.  Usually I have no idea what the face is going to look like or what I’m going to sculpt when I start out but I always begin with the eyes and as they say “The eyes are the window of the soul”. Next is the mouth, this is also very important to me in the process because this is when my character comes alive and this is when it starts getting really fun. Beelzebub was painted in a vibrant red; I wanted to add a lot of smoky black to this red color so I used a powder base product called Perfect Pearls. Another product that I really like to use is distress stain by Tim Holtz, this product gives it that tarnished brass look. I used both of these products on Beelzebub to really make the paint pop. One of my favorite things is adding detail to my clay creations; with this one, I added a neck ruffled collar.  I love the way this looks and it gives it that Mixed-media feel to my creations. You will notice this quite often in my creations because it is one of my favorite details. I enjoy making the stands for my characters as well. This one has a lot of detail in it; I did have to sculpt the skulls and bones to make it an interesting platform for him to stand on. I love adding the additional detail and accessories to my creations. The pitchfork for Beelzebub is made from Sculpey clay; I like that kind of clay when I’m making very delicate or thin items. Beelzebub is a very likable character, I know he’s the devil, but I sure do get a lot of compliments on him.