This creation was inspired by a seedpod from a tree that I picked up on one of my walks. I wanted to incorporate the seedpod into a beak for a bird like creature. Sometimes when you create things, there’s something about it that you don’t like.  As I looked at this creature, I didn’t like the way it was coming together. Sometimes that frustrations turns into a complete redo and other times, just a tweak here and there does the trick. On this creation, it was off with Enna’s head and then I started sculpting again. I abandoned the seedpod idea for his beak but I did incorporate that somewhere else which I will cover later. I’m really pleased the way the new head turned out, it gives Enna a more pleasing and softer look. His happy expression makes him look delighted to be here. I love the way Enna’s coat turned out, it has this amazing vintage button that I set in the clay that really gave it the realism I was looking for. Enna’s wings are from the seedpod so I was still able to use this inspiration from my nature loot. The seedpod had fine hair like fuzz on it which adds to the realism of the wings giving it a feather like quality. Enna is out enjoying the beautiful weather and doing some fishing, my family loves to fish so Enna fits right in. I made his bag from a burlap material which is stuffed with moss and a couple of fish which he caught that day. His Fishing pole is made from a feather which I did not have to go far for. I always wanted chickens so my husband built me a wonderful Coop. I love my chickens and they give me about 40 fresh eggs a week but more about that another day. I have always been fascinated with birds, I love all winged creatures. Enna is a delightful character, it is hard to look at him without smiling and wanting to at least go enjoy the beautiful weather or put a pole in the lake and go fishing.


Some Bunny Loves You

This cute little bunny is just hopping his way into your heart to say hello. I love creating little masks for my clay creations. He really is adorable and he doesn’t need a mask to cover that cute little face but why not?


This delightful character has so many inspirations; my husband was digging in the backyard when he came across these vacuum tubes. They were so cool I had to put them in my craft room, hoping one day I would be inspired to do something with them. I think about my clay creations, all the time and all of a sudden I got this great idea so I had to go and make this new character before I didn’t have him in my head anymore. I started sculpting and everything started coming together. As I’m looking at this character come to life, I’m thinking of a wonderful memory of my son who is now 22. When he was a little boy, he was very shy and always kept his hands in his pocket. His favorite pair of shorts back then was these yellow shorts and that was my inspiration for his clothing. I love this little character and I let my son name him so that is how Gearbox came to be.


My clay creations always seem to be inspired by what I run across on my nature walks, that’s my thinking time. The inspiration for Spriggan came from his wonderful headpiece (bark from a tree limb) that I found when I was walking with my faithful companion Niera, our 8 year old poodle. I am always collecting miscellaneous items of interest on my adventures; I love walking and hiking and started to bring a backpack with me because my pockets always came back overflowing with wonderful things I just couldn’t leave behind. Even though Spriggan does not have as much of a clay component as most of my other pieces, he is a delightful character who loves nature and watches over and protects it, he definitely puts a smile on my face.

Hi my name is Paige

Hi, my name is Paige and I am a mixed-media clay artist. I am starting my blog to share my wonderful adventure with anyone else who might be interested. My clay creations all started when I bought some clay and decided I was going to making some characters for myself. I had so much fun with it that I couldn’t stop. Everybody loved what I made and to my surprise, started asking me if I would sell any of my creations. I never imagined that first box of clay would have led to where I am today. I have been doing my clay creations for about a year and it’s been a wonderful journey which I am now ready to start sharing with you.